Erotic Marriage

'Erotic Marriage' provides historical information and explores how religion and culture have shaped our sexual attitudes and behaviors. Bearing these factors in mind, it also offers guidelines for establishing a healthy sexual and emotional relationship. Information on the subjects of female orgasm and male sexual functioning will make it clear how couples can improve their sexual experience, and make their relationship more erotic.
"Erotic Marriage" also clearly illustrates how to become more emotionally connected to your partner. Using examples from his clinical practice, Dr. Mondin describes and informs the reader on how to have a better sexual and emotional connection with a partner. This is a self help book with a deep historical and philosophical foundation. At the same time it has a practical application to you present life. "Erotic Marriage" has won awards in book festivals and book competitions in London, Paris, New England, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Beach Book Festival competition. It has received five star reviews from readers and literary critics.
Improve your sexual life and your emotional connection to your partner. Become the lover your lover wants.

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"Erotic Marriage" also won the National Indie Award for best book about sexuality.
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